Valorant Mobile leaked once again: HUD looks different!

Bored of battle royale games? Want to spice up the experience? Well, wait for this game. Valorant is surely a popular game on PC. Even though it’s fairly new, it managed to make its space in esports. It’s quite interesting as the FPS title was able to get a big audience despite CS: GO and Overwatch dominating the niche. Now, fans look forward to enjoying their favorite game on mobile. Well, there have been many leaks in the past, and now there is a new one. This time the leaks show the new HUD in its full glory.

Valorant Mobile

Valorant Mobile has been in the news for quite some time now. Riot Games totally understands the importance of mobile gaming. They have seen success with the port of League of Legends on mobile. And with the current market being captured by the likes of PUBG Mobile, and Free Fire; Valorant stands a chance as both of these games have been here for a long time. Valorant Mobile can bring a fresh perspective to mobile gamers.

This is how Valorant Mobile will look like

ValorLeaks posted in-game footage of Valorant Mobile.  The footage shows Sova with his popular arsenal, dart, and all. Moreover, the main thing to notice here is the HUD. It seems like Riot Games has done a good job in creating the HUD. One can play with this HUD easily without getting confused.

For those unaware, Valorant has a lot of stuff. Multiple abilities coupled with movement and shooting stuff. And not to forget the Spike. Hence, we were quite skeptical about the HUD on the mobile version of Valorant. There is not a lot of room in mobile games, and Valorant already has too much stuff. However, it seems like Valorant has done a good job with the HUD. After all, Riot Games is an experienced developer and we hope that whenever the game comes, it is polished enough.


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