Forspoken: Here is how to beat Apsaravis

Forspoken is one of Square-Enix’s latest releases for the PS5 and PC. The game has been surrounded by controversies due to graphical downgrades, lackluster plots and quests, and the empty world. However, there is still a number of players that have enjoyed the latest Open-World RPG. These players are trying to uncover every secret available in this massive world developed by the Luminous Team. So to complete 100% of this game, you’ll have to finish some quests and crash some enemies and these include the abominations.

To those unaware, the abominations work like “Final Fantasy Weapon enemies” in Forspoken. They offer the hardest challenges in terms of combat and gameplay. Each abomination has unique attacks based on distinct elements. They will need some strategy to be beaten. Through this article, we will teach you how to defeat Apsaravis, Junoon’s abomination. It can fly and will attack you with a series of wind-based attacks. These are hard to avoid and deal with, but not impossible.

Where to find Apsaravis in Forspoken

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Apsaravis is for some the hardest challenge among the Forspoken abominations. That includes a challenging trip to find it. To reach this boss, you will need to find the secret location of Nowhere. To get there, you need to start by heading to Crosstide Coast. Look for the River to the East. It will show a jumping opportunity to get to the other side – you will need Glide to make it across. That will lead you to Farcoast Terrace.

Farcoast Terrace
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It’s not so easy to go through the Farcoast Terrace. After all, it comes with a series of jumping puzzles. Once you get through it, you will find an alternative route that will lead you to Nowhere. It is a separate area lower down closer to the water. You can use your movement abilities to arrive there. The place is small, and once you’re there, you won’t have much trouble finding Apsaravis.

Apsaravis Boss Fight

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Apsaravis can fly and therefore there are lengthy parts of the battle where you will be on the floor not doing much damage. It’s possible to Zip to get closer to the action, but you need to complete the fight without joining the abomination in the air, using Zip can make things harder.

Apsaravis is resistant to Olas’ Green Magic and weaker to Prav’s Blue Magic. You should aim to use it as much as possible to take some serious damage from the abomination. Chain Bolt is also one of the most effective attacks. So use it whenever possible.

Battle Skills

There are four main attacks used by Apsaravis. The first is a Poison-Like cloud that acts as an AOE on the ground. It’s not too hard to avoid it, but you should be aware of the camera position to avoid it. It can get you some negative effects.

The second attack of this nature makes the abomination charge up little electric shots that come shooting around its body. It’s not hard to avoid this, but you need to keep Flow active. The third attack is a diving attack that creates a small tornado that on impact will send Frey into the sky. Worth noting that this one is hard to avoid. However, you can stop most of the fall damage by activating Flow before the landing. The third and final attack shoots out a wall of wind. Apsaravis will spin around before doing this move, so you will have a small window of time to avoid it.

If you reduce the abomination’s health by half, you will enter the second stage of this fight. This enables the abomination’s toughest move, one that can instantly kill you.

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Apsaravis will start charging electricity to the point where it is completely covered in it like a ball. You will want to look for cover and hide to escape any damage, but if you fail, you can get away with dodging. If it gets you off guard, you will probably be down.

Forspoken Abominations – Prizes of Apsaravis

It’s hard, but not impossible as the other abominations. Once you complete the battle, there are some neat prizes upon completion. Just like other abominations, you will get a set of nails for this failure. Apsaravis will unlock the Escalate nail design. It enables killer blows to be chained together and gives 2% more damage to all spells.

Source: TheGamer

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