Lance Reddick, Horizon series’ Sylens, passed away at 60

Lance Reddick, the famous actor in games for playing Sylens (Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West) and Commander Zavala (Destiny), passed away at age 60. The information comes straight from TMZ. As per the report, Reddick’s body was reportedly found at his home in Studio City, Calif, on Friday morning. According to the portal sources, he left us due to natural causes.

Geoff Keighley, creator, and host of The Game Awards paid tribute to the actor via Twitter. In his publication, he was upset about the news and praised Reddick’s contribution to games. He said:

“So sad to hear about Lance Reddick. What a wonderful human. He was a frequent guest and supporter of TGA and even recorded promo VOs for one year for us. An amazing actor who gave so much to games, gone far too soon.”

Lance Reddick
Lance Reddick as Commander Zavala

Lance Reddick’s career

Besides his roles in games such as Sylens and Commander Zavala, Reddick also played a special role in the Resident Evil TV show on Netflix. The series was considered a fiasco for several reasons and got canceled. Despite this, we can say that Lance gave his best playing Albert Wesker. The actor expressed his sadness with the series’ cancellation. Other roles include Charon, in the “John Wick” Movie series. He was also taking part in the promo campaign for the upcoming fourth movie. He also played the police officer Cedrick Daniels, in HBO’s show The Wire.

Lance Reddick

To recall, Lance also had an “Oops” moment involving the Horizon series. Back in the last year, he posted about his excitement to return to his role in the game. That was a few months after the launch of Horizon Forbidden West. For that reason, many speculated about the recording of a possible DLC for the game. The months passed, and during TGA 2022 we got the confirmation of a new DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. We believe that this upcoming DLC for the PS5 will give us one more chance to see Lance playing his role as Sylens.

Source/Via: MeuPS

Source/Via: TMZ

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