PS VR2 connects with PC: A match made in hell?

Playstation VR2 is now out, and obviously this VR device is made specifically for the PlayStation console. But what if we connect it to a PC? Will it even work, and if it does is it any good? Well, the answers have arrived. Spoilers alert: The answer may disappoint you. If you are a Playstation and PC gamer and want to buy a single VR headset for both platforms, then you might want to change your choice. Below you will find the reason.

PS VR2 connects with PC: A match made in hell?

There are many gamers that are not loyal to just one platform. Take me as an example. I have a PC, which I can’t live without. No offense to console fans; I built PC myself from scratch, hence my connection is close. However, I also have different consoles including a PlayStation. Now, someone like me must be wondering which VR headset they should get. Should PS VR2 be their choice, which is specifically made for Playstation, or it will ruin their PC gaming experience?

PlayStation VR2 can actually connect to a PC

PS VR2 connects with PC: A match made in hell?

Despite the fact that there are no drivers for PS VR2 on PC, it turns out PS VR2 can actually connect to a PC. The possible solution is to plug it directly into your graphics card using a USB Type-C connection. However, only a number of graphics cards have a USB-C connection available.

Luckily even if you have the proper connection, the PS VR2 will only work out as a secondary display. Hence, you can call PS VR2 a sort of VR second monitor. It is not the actual VR experience that you would expect, and probably you will never use it. Although, things can turn out to be better if someone ends up creating a driver shell for this headset. Hence, PlayStation VR2 is not a virtual reality headset for PC, it’s made for PlayStation 5 and you better use it only on it else the experience will be ruined.


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