Valheim for PS5? Developers say “You can never tell”

Valheim, which was successful on PC three years ago, recently reached Xbox. The game is not expected to hit PlayStation, but this can change over time. According to the developers, there are no plans for the PlayStation version, but “you can never tell”. That means that this is open to discussion in the future, probably under the right terms with Sony’s involvement. The info comes straight from Jonathan Smars, senior developer at Iron Gate Studios.

Will Valheim reach the PS5? Nothing is impossible

The developer spoke about the subject in an interview with Xbox Expansion Pass: “Currently, we are only with Xbox in mind, but you can never tell”. According to him, the Coffee Stain studio worked together with Microsoft to build the port. There is nothing similar in progress at the moment with PlayStation. As we’ve speculated above, Microsoft’s involvement basically says that a port for the PS platforms would also require Sony’s involvement.

Valheim got acclaim back in 2021. The game has a focus on survival and cooperation with a Nordic theme. Since its launch in February 2021, the game has sold about two million copies. That is a very expressive amount for an indie game that came from a small studio.

In the first weeks of availability, Valheim reached 165,000 players. The latest report indicated 367,000 active players. That is a high number that only stays below Dota 2 and Counter-Strike. As per Iron Gate, the game will keep getting updates with new monsters, scenarios, and weapons during the year. This isn’t a big surprise, the studio will likely keep players engaged with new content as much as possible. The arrival of Xbox should give more strength to the developers.


Although the news sounds a little bad for PlayStation fans, we need to look at the “open” aspect of the sentence. Right now, we believe that it is open to discussion. If Sony shows interest in bringing it to the PlayStation platform, the developers are probably open to working together in a port. Everything depends if Xbox has any kind of exclusivity for consoles. But even if this is the case, we believe in something temporary.

Source: MeuPS

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