LEGO 2K Drive coming in May; Pays tribute to 80’s racing games

2K and the LEGO Group announced a joint adventure to launch LEGO 2K Drive. It’s an “AAA driving adventure game” that will reach consoles and PC on May 19. The game will reach the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and Epic Games.

LEGO 2K Drive is an open-world racing game with single and multiplayer experiences. It will allow the player to build any vehicle they like, whether it be street racers, off-roaders, or even boats. I assume that you can build a boat with wheels and put it on the street. The game is developed by Visual Concepts, a known studio behind WWE 2K and NBA 2K series.

LEGO 2K Drive offers a rich open-world experience with many possibilities

The game promises to deliver a wide-open world. It will bring different biomes, races, challenges, and collectibles. There will also be minigames, things to destroy, and even a story to tie it all together. LEGO 2K Drive will also bring a diverse customization system. It will allow players to build a vehicle that suits their stats. There are over 1,000 unique LEGO pieces. Of course, there are some conventional choices already available in the game. There are cars from LEGO City, Creator, Speed Champions, and even the McLaren Solus GT and F1 LM.

The game will allow players to race these vehicles alongside friends. The company talks about a “robust co-op” system. It will be offered along with competitive multiplayer that supports up to six players. There will also be a local co-op, something rare nowadays. Though a split-screen mode it will be available along with the online co-op mode.

 “With the history the LEGO brand holds, we were very conscious of the responsibility we had to both our partners and longtime fans of LEGO play, while still thinking about how we can bring something new and unique to a LEGO title,” said Greg Thomas, president of Visual Concepts. “For LEGO 2K Drive, we assembled a best-in-class team of game makers who poured their hearts into an unforgettable experience we can’t wait to share with fans.”

The multiple versions

We expect the company to keep teasing the game in the next few weeks ahead of its release. For now, the game is already up for pre-orders. There are three editions of LEGO 2K Drive. The Standard Edition is priced at $69,99 on PS5 and Xbox Series and $59.99 everywhere else. There is also an Awesome Edition that costs $99.99. It includes a new vehicle, vehicle flair, in-game Minifigure, and the Year 1 Drive Pass.

There is also the Awesome Rivals Edition, which costs a whopping $119.99. For that amount, you will get multiple vehicles, a vehicle flair, multiple in-game miniatures, and the Year 1 Drive Pass. What is this “Year 1 Drive Pass?” well, it’s a Season Pass. It will introduce an all-new Biome plus four individual post-launch seasons of Drive Pass content. Each one will arrive with new vehicles and themes. Worth noting that although it comes bundled with these editions, those on the Standard will be able to purchase it separately later on.

LEGO 2K Drive

There will also be prizes for those pre-ordering the game. If you pre-order the Standard Edition you will get the Aquadirt Racer Pack. It includes the Aquadirt Street Car, Off-Road Car, and a Racer Boat. This will always come in the Awesome and Awesome Rivals Edition of the game. You don’t need to pre-order these versions to get the prize.

The LEGO Group managed to conquer a myriad of fans in the videogame industry thanks to its games. There are the most varied types of games with LEGO characters and content. From heroes to iconic movies, LEGO basically fits everything. Now, the company will join 2K to prove itself in the genre of racing games. Honestly, it has everything to be a success. Let’s see, however, if the model of seasonal content will work for this game.

Source: IGN

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