Contra is back, this time with a battle royale for Android

Retro gamers must be familiar with Contra. It all started back in 1987 with an arcade game, and the rest is history. There are various Contra games for different platforms. And even today, the characters of the game are recognized. Well, it’s time for another Contra game. This time it’s going to be spicy as our favorite characters are back with a battle royale setting. It is named Contra: Tournament, and is made for mobile. Currently, the game has entered early access for Android in the Philippines.

Bill Rizer, Lance Bean, and other brothers-in-arms are the highlighting characters of the game. Contra is incomplete without them, and hence the new battle royale game also features the iconic characters. To differentiate from other battle royale games, Contra: Tournament sees players carry out space missions. You will do it in a group of four while choosing your preferred hero. And of course, the game has plenty of weaponry. So you can have the best possible loot. The weapons can further be improved with the help of attachments. Moreover, there are also iconic firearms such as the Spread gun and Laser Gun.

Is there anything unique in Contra: Tournament?

Contra is back, this time with a battle royale for Android

Contra: Tournament has a major focus on hero abilities. Hence, you will need to master them in order to dominate the battlefield. However, it is still not unique. Games like Apex Legends already offer this stuff. The only highlighting part in my frank opinion is the touch of Contra. Now, it totally depends on the developer to give justice to the franchise with Contra: Tournament. The developer behind the game is Eggtart, they are popularly known for Zombiflux: Sleepless War. Hence, we have high hopes for this one.

For those interested, Contra: Tournament has entered the early acess. Only players residing in the Philippines will be able to enjoy it. The rest of the world will need to wait a bit more.


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