Uncharted Waters Origin: March 2023 update brings new content

The seafaring RPG game has released its first significant update. Uncharted Waters Origin was released recently, and the developer seems to be taking good care of the game. The March 2023 update brings a lot of new content for the players. There are two new admirals and spring welcome events for free rewards. If you are wondering about the new admirals, then you will be surprised to know that they are not new but iconic characters from the Uncharted Waters series.

The two new admirals are none other than Pietro Conti and Miranda Verte. Both of them are adventure-focused Admirals and hence are a great addition to the game. Especially this news will be a moment for rejoicing for the fans of the Uncharted Waters series. However, that’s not it. There is much more about the new update.

Uncharted Waters Origin: March 2023 update brings new content

The second highlight of the update is Mate Appearance. It is a tool for character modification with a new customization system. It will allow players to have a unique look. Finally, there are events that offer free rewards to players.  The Spring Greeting Attendance event will run til April 11th. The event will give players high-value items such as the Spring Butterfly (Figurehead). All you need to do is log in daily for seven days to get the rewards.

Uncharted Waters Origin Highlights

At the core, it is a Seafaring Sandbox RPG that embarks players on a journey taking place during the Age of Discovery in the 16th century. Expect to trade goodies, fight, and everything you can expect in a seafaring adventure. One more highlight of the game is 4K graphics by Unreal Engine 4, and matching music is just the cherry on top. Now that the game is available, the developer is bringing new content to the game for keeping the players engaged.


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