Redfall: Xbox shares a new trailer of its first exclusive game

Xbox Game Studios and Arkane have just revealed a new trailer for Redfall. It’s probably the first exclusive game for Xbox and will reach the platform on May 2. After a trailer focused on Layla, the latest trailer brings details about Jacob. It shows more of the character’s background and shows how he hot his abilities and how they can be useful in the game. Jacob is a soldier in the contract that gets stuck in Redfall when one of his jobs has the wrong outcome.

Jacob was in Redfall with his soldiers, but they fall into a trap prepared by the vampires. He manages to escape but sees all of his companies being killed. When he wakes up, he discovers a new set of abilities. The new character is useful for those on stealth gameplay. He can temporarily become invisible and go through the enemies. Moreover, he also has a crow that follows him and can help in combat.

This is the second trailer that focuses on one of Redfall’s four heroes. Until the launch date, we expect more trailers to showcase the next two players and also more about the game.

More about Redfall

Redfall is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Arkane Studios Austin and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is an open-world, co-op FPS that continues Arkane’s legacy of carefully crafted worlds and immersive gameplay. The game is available for pre-purchase on Steam. When it comes to consoles, it will be exclusive to Xbox. However, if you have a PC you will be able to enjoy this game through Steam and Epic Games Store.

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For Xbox, the game will be available only for the Xbox Series S and Series X. It will be available as a day-one game on Game Pass. It’s another Xbox title to reach Game Pass on the launch day. One more game to increase the appeal of this service.


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