Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Farlight 84 has been in the news for years now. The developer took a long time to finalize the game for global launch. It was back in 2021 when it went into beta testing. Finally, the game is available globally. I have been playing the game for quite a few days now, and below is my review of Farlight 84.

Basics done right

Before we jump to the other stuff, let’s check out the core mechanics. Being a battle royale game, you jump out together with your squad. There is no weapon on you prior to jumping, so you will be looting during the game. Meanwhile, you have to keep checking the safe zone, as it gets smaller over time. The last squad remaining wins the game.

Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

In the battle royale genre, the amount of players per game varies. For example, PUBG Mobile has a whopping 100 players per standard match. However, Farlight 84 has selected a smaller number of 60 players per match. The matches are not long and are quite engaging. You do not have to travel a long distance just to search for enemies. Hence, this is a perfect amount of players and there is no issue with the core elements of the game.

The spicy stuff: Futuristic theme

Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Launching a battle royale in 2023 without any difference? It will fail. Hence, the developer has opted for something spicier. The game is based on the year 2084, a post-apocalyptic world. Hence, you will find modern weapons and vehicles.

The vehicles in this game are the best ones I ever experienced on any mobile game. Some of them even have machine guns on them, and the good part? They are buttery smooth. Not only do they look good, but they perform too. Also, they play a vital role in the combat.

Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Another spicy highlight is the addition of jetpacks. Of course, you are in the year 2084, and hence you have a jetpack on your pack. It allows you to dash and fly for a short duration. This basically changes the combat experience. Your enemy can dash away from you resulting in loss of aim. They can also jump over you and give you a headshot. This is quite fun and unique. The good part is that there is not too much Jetpack action as you have to wait for a few seconds to use it again.

A touch of Apex Legends Mobile

Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Now, this is where the game totally differentiates from the likes of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite. There are different characters in Farlight 84, each with their own ability. You can use the ability to get an edge in the battleground. Each character is carefully crafted, they have 2 major abilities and one feature. For example, my favorite Phantom can detect nearby enemies and even go invisible for a short duration.

Plenty of modes, not bad!

Farlight 84 has many modes including HUNT, Deathmatch, and more. I have not tested all of them, but I am a big fan of Solo. It is basically a 1v1 match, where you get to choose 4 characters. Each player gets the chance to use their load out, and the first one to win 4 rounds win. It is fun and you also get to learn more about your hero.

Optimization: Does it run well?

I see a lot of game reviews that only mention the gameplay and stuff. However, they do not talk about optimization which is a big factor, especially in mobile games. For this review, I have tested the game on iPhone, budget Android phones, and PC. On my iPhone 12 Pro, I get a 60fps option and it is quite stable. While, my budget Android can also run up to 40fps, which is satisfactory. Coming to PC, the game can be installed via Steam. A mid-range PC like mine was able to pull off 150-200fps, and no performance issue was detected.  Hence, the game is well-optimized for all platforms.

Some issues

A wise man once said, “Nothing is perfect.” Farlight 84 is no different. There are a few things that need the attention of the developer. The game fails on the communication side. There is no push-to-talk, and I don’t know if it is a bug or not but 95% of my teammates never communicated through the mic.

Secondly, I cannot add my Android friends on my iPhone. This is quite irritating as I wanted to play together with my friends, but I was unable to do so. Maybe it is a glitch on my side. However, I hope the developer addresses this issue.

Farlight 84 Review Final verdict: The game wins

Farlight 84 Review: The Battle Royale Game You’ve Been Waiting For

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proudly announcing Farlight 84 as a winner. It ticks most of the boxes you would expect from a battle royale game. With the addition of spicy vehicles, characters, and multiple modes, the game takes the crown. However, the developer needs to be active since their competitor PUBG Mobile never sleeps. A ton of collaborations and e-sport competitions are highly required to keep Farlight 84 alive. That said, the game has been quite a fun ride for me, and I will take a break from Valorant to enjoy the new game!

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