Bugsnax announced: PS5 hit game coming to iOS

From playing Fruit Ninja to PUBG Mobile, smartphones have come a long way. Portable machines are now a major gaming platform. Thanks to the new processors being capable enough, the developers have no issue porting their console and PC games to mobile. The latest console game coming to mobile is Bugsnax. It was a PS5 launch title and was quite a success. If you like adventure games mixed with puzzle elements, then this game is exactly for you.

As the name suggests, Bugsnax revolves around bugs. You get to visit Snaktooth Island to search information about the disappearance of a missing adventurer. You will be locating different Bugsnax, and even capturing them. Bugsnax, basically are the creatures that you will encounter. They are quite unique as they are half-bug and half-snack animals. There are over 100 of these to find and capture, so expect a long adventure.

To spice up your gameplay, there are few gadgets including the naxScope, which allows you to scan each snax to understand its specific patterns. Moreover, it also gives you tips to capture them. While, there is also a device Snaktivator to customise Grumpus’ appearance.

Bugsnax Android version not announced?

Bugsnax announced: PS5 hit game coming to iOS


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