Bad Piggies 2 Soft-Launched: Play as the Pigs in the New Angry Birds Game

We all have played Angry Birds but have you ever thought to play from the perspective of the evil piggies? Well, that’s what Bad Piggies is all about. The first version of the game was launched a decade back, and now the developer is going to bring the sequel Bad Piggies 2. It was announced last year when Rovio Entertainment also revealed the plans for 9 more games. Since the first version of Bad Piggies was a success, we have high hopes for this one. Now players residing in certain regions can enjoy the game.

Bad Piggies 2 soft-launched in these regions

Bad Piggies 2 will keep the DNA from the Angry Birds franchise. It features new ways to complete numerous unique and difficult stages. Different stages will keep you hooked as the piggies won’t disappoint thanks to their jam-packed action. Moreover, there is also a workshop in the Pig Village that lets you make parts for the clients to get incentives. Since the prequel was launched a long time ago, the developer has made sure that Bad Piggies 2 meets the modern graphics.

You can play Bad Piggies 2 if you reside in one of these regions

Bad Piggies 2 soft-launched in these regions

That’s not it; Rovio Entertainment also plans to keep the game updated with new content. This will ensure that players are kept engaged. If you’re interested to play the game then there is good news for you as Bad Piggies 2 has soft-launched. It is currently available for players residing in Sweden, Finland, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, and Poland. It is worth noting that the soft launch is for iOS devices only; we hope that the game will launch soon globally and for both platforms. That said, we have much more games to see from the developer soon. Also, it will be interesting to see the changes coming to the games after the alleged acquisition of Rovio Entertainment by SEGA.


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