Intel ARC A770 at $339 brings some hope for budget PC Gaming

Seeing the potential and appeal of the GPU market, Intel decided to dive deeper into this segment. The company has been known for its Intel Core CPUs for Desktops and Laptops. When it comes to GPUs it has been popular for its desktop-integrated GPUs. These have evolved in the past years, and Intel decided to launch itself into the market of Desktop GPUs with the ARC series. If we compared to powerful AMD and Nvidia GPUs, the Intel ARC series is behind. However, it also allows the firm to sell them at affordable price tags. The recently-released Intel ARC A770 is a new budget GPU that does not make many sacrifices on performance.

Intel ARC A770 is a game changer for the budget GPU segment

The Intel ARC A770 is the most affordable GPU to reach the market at $339. Yeah, for that amount you will get 16 GB of Video RAM. The rise of this GPU will bring some heat to this competitive market. At the same time, it’s a good opportunity for those looking for a budget PC that can handle modern games. When it comes to the latest AMD and NVIDIA GPUs they are anything but cheap.

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AMD has been pursuing NVIDIA with its GPUs bringing more VRAM. The company also introduced its DLSS-like tech dubbed FidelityFX. But when we take AMD GPUs with 16GB, the most affordable is the Radeon RX 6800 and it costs $469.99. If we look at the pricing aspect, the ARC A770 is unbeatable.

Intel ARC A770
The GPU is also elegant to fit your CPU with exposed internals.

There are even deals offered by Amazon US and Newegg that give a $10 discount for the GPU. That brings the price low to $329. If you’re looking for a brand-new GPU and not the refurbished ones from stores like AliExpress, then it stands as a good deal. Worth noting that this version is the ACER variant. It already stands atop others due to overclocking settings and an advanced cooling system.

The ARC A770 may not be on par with other advanced GPUs. This is just the beginning of the road for Intel GPUs, but right now, they have great potential in the budget segment. The latest GPUs have made Desktop Gaming something more for enthusiasts or those with enough money to invest in expensive GPUs. The ARC A770 may bring back some budget gaming.

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