Analogue Duo: The ultimate console for retro gamers is arriving

Like any other industry, gaming has also emerged. From 8-bit to 4K gaming, we have come a long way. We are continuously getting advancements, and discussing upcoming consoles such as the PlayStation 5 Pro, etc. However, we also don’t want to forget the retro gamers community. The biggest problem for retro gamers is the platform – where can they play all their favourite old games? Well, the good news is that Analogue Duo has arrived, a console dedicated to retro gamers!

Analogue, a gaming-dedicated company has finally broken covers on their new console – Analogue Duo. The maker has revealed the pre-order details.

It is a retro home console. Powered by the FPGA chip, Analogue’s latest gaming device is designed to play NEC-era games at up to 1080p. But before we move to other features of the console, let’s have a closer look at why the FGPA chip plays a vital role in Analogue Duo.

Analogue Duo: The ultimate console for retro gamers is arriving

With an FPGA chip, the console doesn’t rely on software emulation. Rather, the chip is programmed to replicate the circuitry of the original hardware. In easy words, this console works on original media and not the ROM files.

Supports cartridges and CD-ROMs

Analogue Duo is compatible with PC Engine, PC Engine CD-ROM, SuperGrafx, Super Arcade CD-ROM, TurboGrafx-16, and TurboGrafx CD games. One more perk is that the console is region-free and rated at 50-60 Hz/100-240 V. The device measurements are 267 x 177 x 34.7 mm.

Some notable features include a PC Engine controller port, and twin USB ports for wired controllers. Finally, the console doesn’t ignore modern features as well; it has Bluetooth for wireless controllers.

Analogue Duo price and availability

Analogue Duo: The ultimate console for retro gamers is arriving
Available in two colors: Black & White!

The pre-orders for Analogue Duo start on May 19 at 15:00 UTC. Coming to the pricing, it will be sold at US$249.99 in Japan and US variants. It is US$50 more than its original list price but makes sense with the inflation going around. Quite interestingly, the pre-orders will be restricted to only two per order. The console will be accompanied by HDMI and USB Type-C cables, plus an 18W charger.

For now, it seems like a cool console that retro gamers will definitely enjoy. The console ticks most of the boxes including the fact that it supports cartridges, CD-ROMs, and modern features. That said, MobiGaming will keep you updated with the latest gaming updates, so make sure to stick around!


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