Bloodborne for PC? More evidences spotted [rumor]

The days are exciting for Bloodborne fans. There is a new PlayStation Showcase on the horizon, and the long fans of this timeless PS4 classic are dreaming of a patch for PS5. More than that, there are also rumors about a PC port. In fact, most of them have been waiting for a 60 FPS at the very least, to improve the experience on this tough soulslike. Pieces of evidence about a new PC version started to appear again this week. Apparently, a PC version is being internally tested by FromSoftware.

More shreds of evidence emerge on a possible Bloodborne port for PC

Players found the evidence thanks to an “oops” moment by Marcos Domenech, one of From’s artists. Players found an archive where the artist published one screenshot named “SPRJ-win64”. As per the insider Lance McDonald, this has been obtained through a doubt tool inside of the game.

MacDonald believes that this is a Bloodborne PC version ready for sale. In this version, besides the main game, players will also find the whole additional content – The Old Hunder Edition (PC), perhaps. In short, the game seems to be ready for PCs. However, this does not indicate that it will launch for overall PC players. For that reason, it’s important to treat these rumors as they are – just rumors.

Bloodborne for PC

It’s not a surprise to see developers working with their games on PC. For that reason, this could mean a lot of things. Of Course, this made a lot of buzz thanks to the imminent PlayStation Showcase.

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For now, our recommendation is to digest this news with a pinch or two of salt. After all, they are just rumors. On May 24, Sony will hold its long-anticipated PlayStation Showcase. The company is expected to finally bring details about its upcoming projects. Let’s see if the fans of the souslike game will also have something to celebrate after the event.

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