Backbone One – PlayStation Edition launched for Android

Those who like to enjoy the PS Remote Play feature on PS4 and PS5 are getting a very interesting accessory. Backbone and Sony partnered to launch the Backbone One PlayStation edition which is compatible with Android devices. Worth noting, that this product already exists on iOS, but now it’s reaching more players on the larger Android audience. As per the manufacturer, this comes due to the community demand.

Backbone One

Unfortunately, it’s natural to see some companies favoring iOS when it comes to the launch of these accessories. Thankfully, Backbone is now looking with “love” to the Android community. The iPhone community may be strong, but there are millions more users on Android. So from a business perspective, it also makes sense for both parties to bet on Android devices. The BackBone One PlayStation Edition has a design clearly inspired by the PS5 Dualsense. It also comes with good ergonomics for an immersive gaming experience. Sony clearly wants to “sell” the Remote Play feature, and having a dedicated accessory falls as a nice idea.

The Backbone One PlayStation Edition also comes with an exclusive app on the Google Play Store. There, it’s possible to tweak the accessory to get the best possible experience. Of Course, the controller goes beyond being a mere accessory for Remote Play. The controller works with a lot of Google Play Games and also supports some Game Streaming services. It can also be used on games like Call Of Duty: Mobile, Fortnite, Diablo Immortal, and more.

“We hope Android users enjoy the experience of the PS App, of PS Remote Play, and from native games with the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition” – wrote the manufacturer.

Worth noting that are rumors about a future portable console from Sony. This particular device would be made exclusively for PS Remote Play on PS5. Of course, the so-called “PlayStation Q Lite” is just a rumor for now. For now, you can acquire the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition of Backbone store for $99. That’s the same price as its iOS counterpart.

Source/Via: MeuPS


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