Clash Royale: Barbarian Card Evolution announced for June update

Clash Royale is the ultimate time-killer game for me. The reasons why I like Clash Royale are obvious: rapid gameplay, fun yet competitive elements, and of course, being free-to-play.SuperCell turned a basic idea into something magical. The game sees players creating their decks, competing in spicy PvP battles, and destroying the enemy tower to win the game.Hence, it’s clear that the game heavily relies on cards – the better your cards, the higher your chances of winning. That said, the company has officially announced that the iconic  Barbarian is getting a Card Evolution.

Barbarian has a special place in the game even though it is not the strongest option. The Clash of Clans universe iconic character is also a part of Clash Royale. However, now it’s time to spice things up. Players can get bored of the repetitive gameplay, which is why Supercell aims to keep things fresh by introducing the new Barbarian Card

At the moment not much has been revealed about the new card including its features, etc. But thanks to the official announcement post, we can see that the Barbarian will have a new look. The new look appears to be inspired by Thor.. The sword looks powerful, and the lightning striking around him gives the character an entirely new vibe. It is just promo material but still looks great.

Are you ready for the new Barbarian in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale - Barbarian is getting a Card Evolution

At the time of writing, the developer has confirmed whether the new Barbarian will have different abilities and more strength. However, I am pretty sure the iconic character will get some positive changes. Barbarians are categorized as slow, so maybe this is what they can work on. Currently, Barbarians are present in Barbarian Hut, Battle Ram, Barbarian Barrel, and normal Barbarian cards. Now with the new look, things will surely look much better. The new card is announced to come in the June 2023 update, so not much time has left!


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