Steam Deck: Unofficial Mod Allows You To Upgrade the Screen

The Steam Deck stands as one of the main handheld gaming devices nowadays. The portable PC or Handheld Console allows you to play a vast catalog of Steam Games while on the go. You can also use it to run cloud gaming services and other things. Although the device is one of the main options of the segment, we have to agree that it does not have the most advanced hardware. Its screen for instance is not the most advanced when we look at mobile devices. Despite this, the device is still popular, and one company saw an opportunity to “improve” the device by selling an unofficial modded display. So if you have enough experience and want some improvement, changing the display may be an option.

Steam Deck meets a larger display with the DeckHD mod

The new mod is called “DeckHD” and allows the user to change the original display for an improved one. Simply put, the new component improves in three aspects: Resolution, Color Quality, and Anti-Glare coating. The new screen offers a resolution of 1,920 x 1,200 pixels and has a 95% sRGB color gamut coverage. For comparison, Steam Deck’s original display brings 1,280 x 800 pixels of resolution and only covers 67% of the sRGB color gamut.

Despite these changes, the panel is similar to the original one. For instance, it has the same 7-inch size, the same 60 Hz refresh rate, and a peak brightness of 400 nits. We would like to see an improvement in the refresh rate, but perhaps, this is not too simple to achieve. Also, we don’t think there are many 7-inch displays out there with such a refresh rate.

When it comes to the Anti-Glare feature, it is already present on the more advanced Steam Deck versions. However, the DeckHD’s goal is to bring this feature to the most accessible (cheaper) versions of the handheld console.

Steam Deck

The modded screen will be offered for $99 and you need to replace it by yourself or take your console to a service center. It is worth noting that changing the Steam Deck’s display is not too hard for those who have certain experiences in this area.

There are some factors that need to be considered

One thing that still needs to be tested is the compatibility of games with the new screen. The main problem is that the resolution increase may affect the performance. After all, the console will need to handle a higher resolution than it ever was meant to have. Considering this, it’s possible that some heavy games will see significant drops in the frame rate. Some may become unplayable. The new resolution will also draw more battery for the console.

Steam Deck

DeckHD did not reveal when exactly the sales of the modded display will begin. As we’ve told you, the company says that it will cost about $99.

This mod comes right after the launch of the ROG Ally from ASUS. One of the console’s main appeals over the Steam Deck is its bigger display, resolution, and refresh rate. However, it costs more at $699. Meanwhile, the Steam Deck on its base version costs about $399.

The display on the Steam Deck is a recurrent theme of discussions. After the launch of a revamped Nintendo Switch OLED with a bigger and better OLED screen, many started to ask Valve if it would do the same. However, according to the engineers behind the project, it’s not too simple. An OLED version of the Steam Deck is not on the plan. The company states that it involves other factors rather than just changing the display. Apparently, this is not a problem when the display in question is an LCD. After all, DeckHD is about to prove to us that it’s possible to change the display for a better one.

Source: DeckHD Via: PCWorld / Canaltech 

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