eFootball 2023: New Update Arrives Tomorrow with Improvements

Konami revealed that it will release an update for eFootball 2023 this Thursday (8). Patch v2.6.0 hits all platforms with some new gameplay features, including an online feature still in the early testing stages.

According to the update notes, the version will add a feature for players to revert progression points into athletes by spending GP Coins. In addition, the Dream Team will be expanded and will allow the lineup of more players on the bench.

Regarding the new features of eFootball 2023, the highlight is the beta test of the cooperative mode. According to Konami, the experience will be held to “evaluate online performance” and will be accessible until June 22 for all players.

eFootball 2023 is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. Full details of the v2.6.0 update should be released in the next few hours by Konami.

eFootball 2023 Season 4 is available

Released in the first half of April, eFootball 2023 Season 4 is available to all fans. The update brought new evolution options for athletes, additional cards for the Dream Team, extra resources for upgrading the squad, more slots for players in the team, and other highlights.

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Under the proposal of putting together the “ideal team”, Konami presents more evolution options for athletes. Among the novelties, skill training stands out, which allows players to learn up to five additional skills. With that, the skill limit goes up to 15.

In addition, eFootball 2023 receives the “Indoctrinate Wisdom” function. Through this setting, it is possible to transfer experience points and additional skills to another. However, the cost is proportional to the amount shared and must be paid in GP.

Finally, releasing five-star players nets a “Contract Renewal (10 days)”, as well as GP and training items. The squad slots limit can be increased from 500 to up to 900, as 50 slots cost 500,000 GP.

We are curious to see the improvements that will arrive with the latest patch.

Source/Via: MeuPS

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