OneXplayer 2 Pro: A Console transformed into a mini computer

Portable gaming PC enthusiasts are in for a thrilling time. The Steam Deck’s arrival has led to a wave of fresh and inventive designs in the handheld gaming space. One such competitor is the OneXPlayer 2 Pro.This device resembles the Steam Deck. But what makes it unique is its detachable side controllers, similar to the Nintendo Switch. Furthermore, the option to add a fold-down keyboard. This allows it to transform into a compact tablet or laptop, reminiscent of the Surface. Here is the complete information about this device.


One-netbook has introduced their first-ever gaming handheld device. It is powered by the high-performance AMD Ryzen 7 7840U APU. This device, named the ONEXPLAYER 2 Pro, is the latest version in the series, following the previous releases of ONEXPLAYER 2 with the Ryzen 7 6800U and Intel Core i7-1370P options.

Moreover, the this device will come with detachable controllers, just like the Nintendo Switch. Users can easily convert the device into a fully functional laptop by removing the controllers and connecting a keyboard. The company has confirmed that the console will offer memory options of up to 64GB of LPDDR5X and storage options of up to 4TB of PCIe Gen4 x4 NVMe. Additionally, there will also be smaller storage capacities available at a more affordable price.

The ONEXPLAYER 2 Pro has a larger screen. It results in a keyboard size similar to popular mini-laptops in Asia. Although the keys are smaller than the standard. When the controllers are detached, the device can be used as a compact tablet with stylus input or connected to a TV for gaming using a controller bracket. In addition, this is quite similar to the Nintendo Switch.

Only Available in China

Regrettably, the company did not disclose details about the cost or availability of the OneXplayer 2 Pro. The launch of ROG Ally on June 13th poses a challenge for other handheld console makers. They must persuade gamers to pay more for their offerings. Initially, the OneXplayer 2 Pro will be released in China and later expand globally. Currently, only a special edition known as the OneXplayer 2 Pro Eva Limited Edition in purple has been unveiled.

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