Dragon’s Dogma 2 gameplay reveals bigger map and new race

This is an interesting time for gamers. From PlayStation Showcase to Summer Game Fest and now the Capcom Showcase, there are a lot of game events happening. Unfortunately, E3 didn’t happen this year but the other events are trying their best to keep us gamers engaged. Another title announced at the Capcom Showcase is Dragon’s Dogma 2.  The game is the sequel to the original Dragon’s Dogma released in 2012. The sequel was announced last year, and now we have a closer look at what the game would bring.

Thanks to the developer’s gameplay overview of Dragons Dogma 2, we now know about the game’s highlights. The first one of course is the map. For any open-world game, the map is one of the most vital things. Thankfully, Capcom takes care of it with a map that is four times larger than the original Dragons Dogma, with increased content to match. Expect to meet new enemies like Medusa. While the AI-powered NPCs will surely be enough to not make you feel lonely throughout your journey.

Welcome Beastrans – a new race of animal people!

Dragon's Dogma 2 gameplay reveals bigger map and new race

Secondly, another highlight is the addition of a new race of animal people called Beastrans. If you have played The Elder Scrolls, you must be aware of Khaji. Well, the new humanoid creatures are similar to that. interestingly, this is not the first we are seeing Beastrans – they first appeared in the Dragon’s Dogma Online. But this is the first time we will see them in the single-player game. This new race seems to have a big role in the new game. Other than that, the gameplay reveals that players can players could create Beastran Pawns.

That said, the game is surely a treat for the players of the first game. Dragon’s Dogma 2 is set to release for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S. Make sure to stick around for the latest gaming news.


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