ASUS ROG Ally 319 Firmware Update: Performance Goes Downhill

ASUS ROG Ally is a new handheld game console that has quickly gained popularity in the market. With its gaming-oriented design, powerful hardware, and advanced cooling system, it provides stiff competition to other devices such as the Steam Deck. The console received its first firmware update before its release, which improved overall performance. However, the latest firmware update (version 319) appears to have had the opposite effect, with some users reporting a decrease in performance.

ASUS ROG Ally 319 Firmware Update: Performance Goes Downhill
Source: ThePhawX.

The 319 firmware was made to improve the 9W gaming experience. However, things took an unexpected turn in real-life testing. The reviewers have concluded that the performance has not improved, but got worse. Unfortunately, this is not the complete picture as the console even gets the worst performance with 15W and 25W TDP.

Asus ROG Ally: Should you install the 319 firmware update?

Asus ROG Ally: Should you install the 319 firmware update?

Performance is the heart of any game console; a firmware update making it worse is actually a big thing. However, talking about the positives, the 319 firmware actually fixes some bugs. But should you update to the latest firmware to get the worst performance and minor bug fixes? The answer itself comes from the ASUS marketer Whiston Gordon, who has confirmed that the company is aware of the performance issue. Hence, he does not suggest the users update to the latest firm.

What about the gamers who have already been caught in the trap? Well, they have two options; let Asus handle the situation and wait for the next firmware update. Else, they can go a bit techy and manually downgrade their BIOS using the ASUS EZ Flash utility.

At the time of writing, Asus has not confirmed when the next firmware update will hit the console. Asus should definitely get a grip, and fix the performance issues. Else, an astonishing console with poor performance will not be well-received by the end consumer.


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