Diablo 4: The Lack of Hairstyle Customization Disappoints Players

As usual in a good RPG, Diablo 4 brings neat character customization with plenty of features. However, for the user’s community, it still lacks some specific features. For instance, many users are upset about the lack of customization for hairstyles. The game has more options than the previous games, but users have been expecting much more than what is delivered with the game’s release.

There is some excitement around the game, and the hype is going forward after the announcement of Diablo 4’s Season 1. Blizzard is preparing a wave of new content and wants to keep players engaged. However, one issue has been plaguing users – the need of creating a new character to start the seasonal content. Despite this controversy, some are still up for trying the only mode. However, some users are still concerned about the look of their avatars during Season 1.

Diablo 4

Diablo 4 players are upset about the lack of a hairstyle customization option

One Redditor opened a discussion about one specific lacking in Diablo’s 4 character customization. It is the ability to change their character’s hairstyle after choosing their initial look. According to user 3mb3r89, players could switch between different tattoos for their characters, but cannot pick an alternative hairdo if they get sick of the current one they have. This means that whatever hairstyle the player chooses in the character’s creation, will also be the final one.

Many fellow Diablo 4 players agree with the original poster’s way of thinking. They would enjoy the option to change the hairstyle whenever they feel bored with the first one. They also started to think about why Blizzard has chosen to hold back this option.

One Redditor believes that this is due to the company hoping to include a Platinum Shop. This means players may have to pay real-life money to personalize their character’s hairdos. Of Course, this is just an assumption right now. Blizzard did not confirm this. Other users say that everything is more inconvenient for the Druid class in Diablo 4. After all, the fur color of the class’ animal forms follows the human form’s hair color as well.

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Although this keeps boring some users, there is not much that can be done. We will have to wait until Blizzard finally makes the option to switch hairstyles in Diablo 4 if it ever makes them free to customize at all. For now, the solution is to use the game’s transmog pieces to cover the character’s hair. We expect Blizzard to do something to make its players happy. After all, the game also hopes to be a “live-service” game with an active community. One way to keep users engaged is to deliver what they’re asking for.

Source/Via: GameRant

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