Square-Enix to bring more Remasters after Pixel Remaster success

The Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series was an undeniable success for Square-Enix. The collection brought together about 2 million in sales and is considered a hit for the company. After the success of the classic RPG game collection, Square-Enix is considering more remasters for classic titles. According to the firm, “there are many ideas” being considered at the backstage.

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster’s success lights the greenlight for Square-Enix to bring back classic games

In a meeting with shareholders, one asked the company’s directors: “Final Fantasy I-VI Pixel Remaster was well received. There are plans to remaster other past titles? Personally, I would like to play Xenogears”. After the question, the company’s answer was quite interesting:

“We will refrain from sharing information about new games, but we are considering several ideas within the company and I hope you look forward to the upcoming announcements.”

Square-Enix was also asked why it has “larger time gaps in releases when compared to some of its rivals”. According to the firm, this is needed, because they need to organize development. Moreover, it’s harder to develop games today than it was in the past decade.

Square-Enix Pixel Remaster

“We are not going into specifics. However, we believe that strengthening our development organization larger times are beneficial. The difficulty of developing games is increasing every year, and that also means the time of development is increasing”. 

Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster

The firm’s response makes quite a sense. After all, the development of AAA games is time-consuming. Nowadays, most games need to feature realistic graphics for powerful consoles, and everything will need more time. It’s harder to develop these AAA titles than it was to build games with pixel-art graphics. Anyway, while the AAA titles take longer, it’s nice to see some small releases in the between. Games like Pixel Remaster, Dragon Quest: Adventure of Dai, and Octopath Traveler 2 are good to fill the gap.

Recently, the company released its highly-anticipated Final Fantasy XVI which is already a success in sales. Now, all the expectations go for the next chapter in the Final Fantasy VII Remake series –  FF7: Rebirth.

Source/Via: MeuPS

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