Diablo IV: Director Encourages Players to Have a Break

If you’ve been playing Diablo IV for dozens of hours and don’t know what else to do before Season 1 premieres, take a break to try out another game. This is a valid hint, but a curious one considering who is giving it. These words came directly from the director of the new RPG, Joe Piepiora.

While Diablo IV Season 1 does not start, why not try something different?

During a recent stream, Piepiora seems to have noticed that some fans are bored or burned out with post-campaign content. For now, the best thing to do is to “have a break” and try anything else. After all, the new content will take a while to come.


“When you hit all the milestones and do the things you think are important and want to take a break to play something else for a while, that’s fine. We do the same thing. But when a season comes around and there’s new stuff for you, it’s a great time to come back. In Special, if you had fun playing before. That’s exactly when you should go back and check out a fresh Diablo IV.”

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Following this statement, the producer Tim Ismay decides to reinforce his colleague’s words. According to him, he does the same when it comes to other games that have live content. He mentioned World of Warcraft and is always trying to trace a smart path when it comes to new content in its RPG.

Diablo IV

“I’ll be honest: When the next WOW (World of Warcraft) expansion arrives, there is a chance different from zero that I will play it for a time. But still, it’s good to know there is a point when I will be able to return to Diablo IV, and everyone will be at the same level”.

Diablo IV Season of Malignant will start on July 20. It will bring new content, features, and improvements to the RPG. However, you will need to create a new character and won’t be able to carry over the progress from the main campaign. From season 1 forward, Diablo IV will also be active as a live-service game. While the novelties don’t come, you may want to follow the tips of the game’s director and try to clear out some games that you had laying in your catalog.

Source/Via: MeuPS

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