Adventures Of Rick Sanchez – Rick & Morty Game on Unreal Engine 5 Looks Insane!

The Unreal Engine 5 certainly marked a new era for the development of video games. With cutting-edge technologies, the engine eases the process of making realistic games with beautiful graphics and immersive landscapes. The possibilities, however, are unlimited. One developer can create a very realistic AAA game while another can simply use the engine to make some fun and create unusual games or concepts. That’s exactly the case of the YouTuber DESIGNBYFEO who made a very interesting project on Unreal Engine 5 to show his skills. He created a very interesting concept for the game featuring Rick and Morty from the Rick & Morty show. The result is a very interesting and funny project that makes me wonder – why the hell no one is making a game like this?

Adventures of Rick Sanchzes – Diving Into a Funny Mess with Unreal Engine 5

Through the Videos, we can see Rick Sanchez venturing through the Multi-Verse in a Quest to Capture Dangerous characters. On YouTube, we can see him capturing Rocket Raccoon, and Harley Quinn, and putting them in a super-advanced prison. There are also some funny videos over on Facebook that show Rick traversing through multiple universes that make references to different pop culture characters and landscapes. In one moment, he is chasing Rocket Raccoon, In another one he destroys Sauron’s Tower arguing that he can’t wait until Frodo and Sam continue their quest to the Mountain Doom, even if it takes three movies. In one of the final clips, we can see Rick giving a Spoiler to Luke Skywalker about his relationship with Darth Vader… Yes, that iconic moment was ruined by Rick Sanchez.

There is also another video that shows Morty traveling through the Multiverse in a bid to “save each respective world”. However, he only makes the thing much worse than they were initially. It’s a big mess but on the positive side. It’s funny and we have the same feeling of watching one episode of the show. The only sad part is that this is just a concept, and should not become a reality anytime soon.

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The designer DESIGNBYFEO is talented and the videos clearly show his abilities as well as the multiple possibilities given by the Unreal Engine 5. It would be nice if some producer could reach him with the idea of turning this project into a real thing. However, we don’t think that will happen anytime soon. The game would fit nicely in the current industry, especially with the “Multiverse” trending among different media. For now, we can only watch the videos and dream of something like this becoming real. It looks nice for fans of the Rick & Morty show, and at the same time looks like something players seeking some fun would play.

Unreal Engine 5

It’s just a concept that makes us dream of a future that brings more games like this

Unfortunately, the industry is not so easily diving into these concepts. So far, most of the current focus is on live-service games. Rick & Morty made their entrance in Warner Bros’ Multiversus recently, but it’s a Brawler and the genre is particularly far from this project. At the same time, the video serves us to show the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5 and rises some questions on why developers are taking so long to deliver the same level of quality we see in such tech demos.

Rick & Morty

For now, you can keep watching these videos and other projects developed by DESIGNBYFEO. There are many other ideas that showcase his skills in Unreal Engine 5 and are also made for fun. If you’re a fan of Rick & Morty and are also interested in different Unreal Engine 5 concepts, you can refer to his channel for much more.

Rick & Morty
Rick & Morty also had a VR Game

What are your impressions about this concept? Would you enjoy and play a game like The Adventures of Rick Sanchez? Let us know in the comments section below.


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