Activision Sues YouTuber Anthony Fantano Over Viral TikTok Sound Clip

Activision sues Anthony Fantano – a Tiktoker and Youtuber for using his viral TikTok sound clip in a promotion for Crash Bandicoot sneakers without permission. Fantano asked the company to take down the video and requested a settlement.

Activision sues Anthony Fantano: What is the matter?

In 2021, a YouTuber named Anthony Fantano posted a funny video on TikTok which garnered over 6 million likes. It showed a pizza being cut into too many pieces, and he yelled, “It’s enough slices!”. People loved it, and it became a famous sound bite on TikTok. Activision used that sound in their video to sell sneakers in June. But Anthony didn’t like that. He sent a letter to Activision, telling them to remove the video.

Activision listened to Anthony and took down the video. However, it wasn’t enough for Anthony. He wanted them to pay him a lot of money for the “damage” they caused. Activision didn’t agree to pay him, so Anthony got upset. Now, the company is suing Anthony for wanting too much money.

Activision is Suing Music Aficionado Anthony Fantano for "Misusing"  Intellectual Property Laws - mxdwn Games

Activision’s main argument against music critic Anthony Fantano is that he deliberately put his pizza-cutting comment in the TikTok sound library for anyone to use for free. Also, they believe that because it was freely available, no one should have to pay Fantano for using the sound bite, including them.

Activision went to court because they want to make sure they are not doing anything wrong or breaking any laws when using Anthony Fantano’s TikTok sound. They also want to be paid back for the money they spent on lawyers. And they want the court to say that Fantano cannot sue other TikTok users for using the same sound in their videos. Anthony Fantano has not said anything about this publicly yet.

As of now, Anthony Fantano has not made any public statements or responses regarding Activision’s comments or the lawsuit filed against him. We will keep you updated with the latest development in this drama.

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