AYANEO Pocket Air is a Retro-Gaming Handheld with AMOLED display and Android OS

If you’re an enthusiast of the booming handheld market, you probably heard about AYANEO. The company is known for offering some compelling handhelds with robust hardware. Some consoles from this company are basically portable computers with impressive specs like Ryzen 7 series CPUs and more. Today, AYANEO is presenting the Ayaneo Pocket Air. It’s a compact handheld that runs Android and boasts some interesting features for retro gaming. It’s not comparable to other Ayaneo consoles made to compete with the likes of ROG Ally and Steam Deck. However, it is still a great device if you want to enjoy cloud gaming and some retro games available on Android via emulation.

Ayaneo Pocket Air – A Retro-Gaming Handheld Console with Android and AMOLED display

The Ayaneo Pocket Air features a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED screen and carries the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC under the hood. The processor is a bit old at this point, but shouldn’t have problems running emulators, and some trending games from Play Store. You probably have some issues with emulators that don’t offer deep support for MediaTek processors, but if your goal is retro gaming, you will have a pleasant experience. To make content more interesting, there is a 5.5-inch AMOLED display with 1080p resolution. There is no mention of a refresh rate, so it’s probably the standard 60 Hz.

Stylish Retro Console For All Tastes

As a good handheld, the Ayaneo Pocket Air brings an active cooling system to keep temperatures low and performance smooth. It has hall-sensing joysticks and a triggers, and a large 7,350 mAh battery. The device’s design screams retro gaming, mixing red and white colors, it has a close semblance with the Super Famicom. Despite its “retro-centric” approach, the console is not stuck in the old era. It brings two analog sticks to improve your experience even on old games.

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The Ayaneo Pocket Air seriously looks like a decent console for retro gaming. However, it is not yet available, and its pricing had not been revealed. We expect the console to go soon through the usual Indiegogo campaign. After all, this is Ayaneo’s way of operating new consoles. Considering that this is the company’s first push into Android, the company will likely go through a crowdfunding campaign to check the demand. So far, it looks like a promising retro console for enjoying gaming on Android.

It is worth noting that you will also be able to use the hardware to enjoy the cloud-gaming services available on Android. Remember the Logitech G Cloud? The Ayaneo Pocket Air works in a similar fashion. The main difference here is that the Ayaneo’s Pocket has a slightly superior chipset. If you’re interested in the Pocket Air, you can head to the brand’s Indiegogo page to get a notification once the console gets released. 

New Competitor for the Booming Handheld Market

The market of handheld consoles is booming with the success of Steam Deck, many players are joining the segment. Valve’s console already sold nearly 3 million units, and the recently-released ASUS ROG Ally amassed a total of 500,000 purchases with just a few months of availability. Due to this growing demand, companies are pushing more into this particular segment.

There are even reports about Lenovo’s entrance into this segment. With the rise of competition, it’s natural to see Ayaneo releasing more consoles for different kinds of consumers. The Ayaneo Pocket Air is not comparable with more powerful consoles from the brand, but still, depending on the price can be a decent product for those who want an immersive gaming experience on Android.

If you’re not up on crowdfunding campaigns, the Logitech G Cloud or the Razer Edge operates in a similar form and is already available via e-commerce. In any case, what are your impressions of the Ayaneo Pocket Air? Let us know in the comments section below.


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