Kai Cenat Opens Up About Chaos at PS5 Giveaway Event

Kai Cenat talked on Twitch today about a fun event he did in New York City where many people came to play games and get prizes. But some people started behaving badly and caused problems, so the police had to come, and a few got hurt. Kai said he’s really sad about the bad behavior and hopes it won’t happen again.

Kai Cenat makes funny videos and plays video games on the internet. He recently became the most-watched person on Twitch. On August 4th, he and his friend planned to give away some cool game computers and PlayStations in a place called Union Square. Also, they told people about it on Twitter and showed it live on the internet, but things got messy when lots of people, around 2,000, showed up. Additionally, the police had to come because it got too busy and out of control.

The chief of the New York police, Mr. Jeffrey Maddrey, spoke to the news. He said a lot of people got hurt during the event. Some got burns from fireworks and their bones broke. Even the police officers trying to stop the crowd got hurt. There’s a video where it looks like the police were rough with someone, hitting their head on a van’s window. They arrested Mr. Cenat, for making people behave badly and causing problems.

Cenat will ensure safety before the meetup like these

Cenat talked about his recent live stream and said that he started doing good things to help the community that taught him. He knows he has a lot of power and can make people listen, especially after what happened on Friday. He wants to do things correctly from now on, like planning events in the right way. Furthermore, he thinks everyone should do better, both the people in New York and the police. He wants everyone to be nice and fair to each other.

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Source: Kotaku

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