Sony Acquires Audeze to Enhance PlayStation’s Audio Experience

Sony Interactive Entertainment, the company behind PlayStation, is acquiring Audeze LLC, a company that makes high-quality audio equipment for music enthusiasts. The goal of this acquisition is to enhance the audio experience of PlayStation products. Audeze, based in Santa Ana, California, will still operate on its own and create products for other devices too. This collaboration will allow Audeze to be part of the PlayStation world while maintaining its independence. The exact financial details of the deal were not shared.

Sony’s Acquisition of Audeze: Revolutionizing Audio for PlayStation Gamers

Sony Group Corp. Inzone headsets, from left, H7, H9, and H3, displayed during an unveiling event in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. Sony is launching a new gaming gear brand called Inzone, trotting out headphones and displays for the PC to try and expand its reach beyond the PlayStation.

In the announcement about this partnership, both companies want to make it clear that Audeze won’t make products exclusively for Sony’s PlayStation (at least not immediately). Audeze will still create gaming headphones for other gaming systems, including, most likely, Xbox. But it’s highly likely that Audeze will also create products with the PlayStation branding in the future.

Sankar Thiagasamudram, the CEO of Audeze, mentioned that teaming up with Sony Interactive gives Audeze a special chance to grow its business. They want to keep making really great headphones for people who love music, recording, and gaming. Also, they’re excited to help Sony Interactive improve the sound experiences for PlayStation players.

Audeze is well-known for making expensive headphones that are popular among music experts and people who really love music. But in the past few years, they started making products for gaming too, especially focusing on something called spatial audio. This kind of audio technology makes the gaming experience feel more real by surrounding you with sound.

Sony buying Audeze and creating new PlayStation products shows that Sony wants to grow its range of entertainment devices. They did something similar last year by introducing a line of headsets and monitors called Inzone, targeting the PC gaming community to be a part of that market.

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Source: Techcrunch

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