Starfield Leaker Arrested Despite Apology to Developer: Too Little, Too Late?

Starfield Leaker Arrested Despite Apology to Developer: The person who shared early video clips of the game Starfield was caught by the authorities this week. This made fans of the game sad because they were excited about the upcoming space adventure game from Bethesda Game Studios. About 40 minutes of the game’s early footage was shared online. Remember, the official release date is still a few weeks away.

Who is Starfield Gameplay Leaker?

Early access Starfield gameplay leaked

According to a post on the Starfield subreddit, The person responsible for leaking Starfield gameplay has been arrested and is now facing several charges. Darin Tyrone Harris, who goes by the name DHavenShadow on YouTube, is alleged to have taken several copies of the game from his workplace and then posted videos online.

One of these videos featured a brief review where Harris showed his face and praised the game. While details of his arrest remain unclear, he presently confronts three charges: theft of property worth $1000 or less, theft of property valued from $2500 to $10,000, and possession of a controlled substance, marijuana, which is unlawful in Tennessee. Whether Microsoft or Bethesda will pursue legal action against Harris remains undisclosed.

Leaker Apoliges to Todd Howard but no avail

Starfield Doesn't Have Land Vehicles or Fishing, Todd Howard Confirms

The leaker had gained online popularity among gamers for their humorous actions, such as apologizing to Todd Howard. However, this fame came with consequences, as they now must face legal repercussions.

Having apprehended the leaker, the likelihood of more significant Starfield leaks is low since the game’s release is imminent. Official footage suggests an exciting experience for fans. A quick comparison video shows marked improvements in the launch version’s opening compared to last year.

Starfield has been the subject of several leaks, including significant story spoilers that have appeared online. Sadly, some people on the internet like to spoil things for others. So, every link you click could be bad and have secrets that you don’t want to see. This happens a lot when people are waiting for a really cool game to come out. It’s not fun for fans who want to be surprised.

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