Introducing Project Mugen: A Potential Zenless Zone Zero & Genshin Impact Killer?

Chinese company NetEase revealed a new video game called Project Mugen in Gamescom 2023. This game is set in a big, open virtual world and looks like an anime. It has really amazing graphics and gameplay, and it’s doing something new in the world of action-adventure games. The game has a futuristic style, like cyberpunk, and it combines the best parts of other popular games in this genre. It also has cool animations and exciting fighting moves.

Project Mugen will be available to play for free on mobile devices, as well as on PC and PlayStation consoles. This means you can choose to play it on different platforms whenever you like. While we don’t have a specific release date or any news about beta testing yet, we’ll make sure to inform you as soon as we have more information!

Project Mugen: Game Theme and Trailer

The game is situated within an urban landscape, bearing a striking resemblance to HoYo’s highly anticipated release, “Zenless Zone Zero.” This metropolis-inspired setting forms the backdrop for both games and interestingly, they will both follow a free-to-play structure while also incorporating a gacha system.

Your mission is to figure out what’s causing all this chaos and danger in the city. You’ll join forces with friends who are also Espers, and each of them has their own stories. Together, you’ll work to save the world from these troubles. While you’re on this journey, you’ll also try to remember things you’ve forgotten and discover the secret to rescuing everyone.

A Potential Genshin Impact Killer?

In Project Mugen, gamers will have the ability to run on walls and move around the city using grappling hooks, which work like the swinging mechanics in the Spider-Man games. The game will also include train travel, offering various landscapes to explore beyond the city limits. Players will even have the opportunity to drive cars and motorcycles, with the game aiming to give a strong feeling of freedom and exploration.

Project Mugen is positioning itself as a strong contender to rival Genshin Impact. Even just from its trailer, it’s showcasing many features that were missing in Tower of Fantasy. The game looks really cool right now, but we won’t know for sure how good the gameplay is until we actually play it. We’re not sure how much of the action is planned out in advance versus being spontaneous. However, we’ll definitely be paying attention to see how it turns out.

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