Intel Arc Players Rejoice! Starfield Bugs Are Almost Gone

Intel is working hard to establish its presence among the GPU giants like NVIDIA and AMD. The company is pushing forward its ARC GPU series as a valuable option for consumers who prioritize value for money. However, the company still has a lot to learn in this segment. Shortly after the release of Starfield, one of this year’s most anticipated games, many players with ARC GPUs started to notice bugs and issues. Now, the company is rolling out a patch that aims to fix most of them.

Intel failed to make Starfield stable with ARC GPUs

The latest update for the ARC Game-On Drivers hopes to fix most of the glaring issues. Therefore, Starfield players on the platform may enjoy the experience. The latest drivers help resolve some major game crashes and other issues. More fixes are on the way.

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As mentioned before, Starfield is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Especially for PC gamers who have to wait some months to enjoy Sony’s latest hits like Final Fantasy XVI or the upcoming Spider-Man 2. Most of the GPU makers were prepared for the game, but Intel was behind. For example, AMD users had some of the best optimizations for the game, and NVIDIA players also had a pre-launch driver that supported Starfield offering decent GPU performance.

On the other side of the coin, Intel’s ARC GPUs have been facing serious issues with Starfield. These issues range from game crashes to other visual glitches and performance issues.

Intel ran and cooked up the BETA Game-On driver for Intel Arc and Iris GPUs to deliver a more optimal gaming experience within Starfield. The new release was much needed and came right in time! Starfield had been available only for those who tested and for those who acquired the premium edition that gave early access to the title. The global release will happen soon.

Changelog for the latest Intel Arc GPU driver release:

  • The Graphics Driver package has temporarily increased to significantly reduce the Starfield game load duration.
  • Several Starfield game instability and visual artifacts have been fixed in this driver. High Preset and below are recommended to improve stability.
  • Efforts are in progress to further improve the overall gaming experience of Starfield for Intel Arc users in future driver updates.

The company acknowledges the fact that there is still too much to be made on the game. Therefore, it is working on further fixes and optimizations. We are curious to see how long they will take to roll the patches. With the global release, certain bugs will be less tolerable as more and more players will start to access the game.


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