Japan’s Latest Gaming Craze: Custom Cup Noodles Designed for Gamers

A Japanese Instant ramen company Nissin has made a custom cup noodle especially designed for gamers. Cup noodles are really easy to make. Gamers who play video games for a long time like meals that are quick and simple. Cup noodles are great for them because you just need hot water and a few minutes to cook them.

It’s not uncommon for companies in Japan to tap into the gaming culture and cater to the needs of gamers by creating products like Gaming Cup Noodles and Gaming Curry Meshi. These specialized products are designed to resonate with gamers and offer them a convenient and enjoyable snacking experience during their late-night gaming sessions. Here’s a bit more information about these gaming-themed food products:

Japanese company Nissin to release a variety of Gaming Cup Noodle

The Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba contains minced pork, shrimp, egg, cabbage, garlic, black pepper, caffeine, arginine and niacin. Instead of a soupy noodle base, Nissin’s Gaming Cup Noodles come with fried noodles. This allows gamers to make noodles between games without making a mess on their hands or gaming equipment. The Curry Meshi Energy Ginger Keema Curry has a flavorful and spicy sauce with a touch of ginger. It’s made with a base of onions, tomatoes, and pork. Additionally, these cup noodles contain caffeine for late-night gaming sessions.

Nissin reveals that both packs have cool designs that make you feel like you’re in a digital world even before you open them. Plus, the three key ingredients to boost your energy are listed right at the bottom of the packs.

gaming cup noodle

The Nissin Gaming Cup Noodle Energy Garlic & Black Pepper Yakisoba and the Nissin Gaming Curry Meshi Energy Ginger Keema Curry will be in stores all over Japan starting on September 18th. They will cost 280 yen, which is about US$1.91.

In the end, it’s a smart marketing plan that uses the habits and likes of Japanese gamers. Everyone benefits: Gamers get easy snacks, and companies reach a special group of customers by using gaming themes and promotions. It’s a win-win situation!

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