Witness the Magnificence of the Star Trek: TNG Warp Core – A Masterpiece PC Case Mod

Over the past few weeks, we have been contemplating some neat case mods for PCs showing the skills of hardware enthusiasts. We had an impressive Megaman X PC Case Mod and an Apex Legends-inspired mod. Most of the case mods usually bet on a customized enclosure to comprise the hardware. However, there are some exceptions in this trend, where the modder decides to build an “Open Case” with all the hardware exposed in a fancy arrangement. That’s the case of the Star Trek: TNG Warp Core.

As you can imagine, this impressive “Tower PC Station” pays tribute to the legendary sci-fi series Star Trek. We have a massive and LED-colored tower with all the components arranged around it. There are some Startrek words on the surface that try to replicate the floor of a laboratory or spaceship. We can even see the control panel with a small Star Trek figure “operating it”. The Case Mod mimics the series “Warp Core” with a huge tunnel that comprises the light. There are three fans to keep things cool and a water cooler with the tubes going around the design.

The Star Trek: Warp Core Case Mod bets on an Intel i7 12700KF CPU with the ASUS TUF B760M Gaming Wi-Fi motherboard. It has 32 GB of DDR5 6000 MHz RAM and an ASUS Dual RTX 4070 DC GPU. The CPU also brings 2 TB of storage split between 2 x 1 TB PCIe4 NVMe SSDs from Western Digital and T-Force Cardea. It has a DeepCool 850W Power Supply and DeepCool Fans. You can see the complete list of specifications below:

Star Trek: TNG Warp Core CPU Specs

  • Intel i7 12700KF
  • ASUS TUF B760M Gaming WiFi
  • 32GB DDR5-6000 T-Force Delta R
  • 1TB WD_Black SN770 PCIe4 NVMe
  • 1TB T-Force Cardea Z440 PCIe4 NVMe
  • DeepCool DQ V3L 850w PSU
  • DeepCool CF-120 Fans (3)
  • FormulaMod Sleeved cables
  • Thermaltake PCIe 4.0 Riser
  • Thermaltake 16mm PETG
  • Corsair XC5 Elite CPU Block
  • AlphaCool Flow meter
  • AlphaCool Ball valve & caps
  • Barrow G4 Fittings
  • Byski RGB Fittings
  • Freezemod PWM pump/res combo
  • Custom-made 360mm copper radiator
  • Thermaltake Core P90 Case

According to this mod’s creator MasterApex, He used a 3D Printer to print most of the components in this assembly. He also hand-painted the case and equipped it with isolation pads for vibration reduction. The modder spent more than 397 hours in this mod from printing and painting all the components. He took 5 hours to assemble everything and install the Operating System. The result is an impressive case mod that steals the attention.


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