Savage! Starfield Director Suggest Upgrade Your PC Instead of Complaining

Starfield PC optimization issue addressed by Starfield director. Todd Howard, the person in charge of Starfield at Bethesda, said that the new RPG game is working well. He also said that if players are having trouble making the game run smoothly, they might need to upgrade their computers. Using the best settings for Starfield can help prevent problems, but Howard wants players to know that Bethesda has already worked hard to make the game run well. They want to use the latest technology.

Starfield Director suggest Upgrade your PC Instead of complaining

This news comes as Starfield is released on Steam. It’s now available to everyone, not just the early players. This game is following in the footsteps of Skyrim and Fallout, which were also big hits from Bethesda.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Todd Howard addressed concerns about the PC version of Starfield lacking optimization. When asked why the game might not have PC optimization, Howard confidently stated, “We have optimized it, and it’s running excellently. Starfield is tailored for high-end PCs, and we’re actively pushing the boundaries of technology, so you might want to consider upgrading your PC to fully enjoy this game.”

Todd Howard talked about why there are no cars or vehicles in Starfield. He said players will mostly walk on the planets, and this was on purpose. Adding vehicles would change the game a lot. Making players walk after they land helps control the game’s pace and experience. They see things at the right speed.

Is there a way to improve Starfield PC performance?

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Thankfully, gamers who are okay with tweaking their games have options. Because Starfield was released in early access, a mod called “potato mode” has been created. This mod greatly reduces the game’s graphics quality, making it more suitable for older PCs. Moreover, there’s another mod that not only lets you play the game on the Steam Deck but also eases the strain on your PC’s hardware.

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