Very Strange Glitch in Starfield: Why AMD Users Can’t See the Stars

If you’re playing the game Starfield on a computer with an AMD graphics card, there’s a big problem you might not notice. When you’re on a planet without an atmosphere, the game doesn’t show a nearby star if you have an AMD card. However, if you’re using an Nvidia graphics card, the stars in the game will always appear correctly.

AMD Graphics card users are unable to see stars in Starfield

Recently, Reddit users have found a new problem in the highly anticipated game called Starfield. It seems that when you play the game on a computer with an AMD Radeon graphics card, some stars are missing in certain solar systems. People who use Radeon RX 7000 and RX 6000 GPUs have reported this issue.

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The issue happens when players are on the daytime side of a moon or some other planet-like object. In these situations, the game doesn’t show the star in the sky, which is supposed to be the light source for the surface. As a result, the planet or moon remains lit up without any visible light coming from a star.

While this bug may not completely ruin the game, it does take away from the immersive experience that Starfield is meant to offer. Seeing the beautiful distant stars is an important part of the game’s visual appeal, and not having them there makes exploring the many planets in the game less enjoyable.

It’s worth noting that the Xbox version of the game, which also uses AMD technology, doesn’t seem to have this star rendering problem. It can still show stars on barren rocks without any trouble. This bug doesn’t make the game unplayable. In fact, you might not even notice it unless someone tells you about it.

Bethesda will probably release an update to fix this problem in the game. If they take a while, the modding community is always there to help. They’ve been creating mods to improve performance and fix issues since the game came out.  Let us see how Bethesda and AMD overcome this challenge.

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Source: PCGamer

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