Nintendo Switch 2 to Run Zelda Breath of the Wild at 4K 60fps with Ray Tracing

After months of playing with rumors that seemed to be empty of official info, it seems that Nintendo Switch 2 is finally materializing into something. Almost four years passed since the launch of the new console generation. While Sony and Microsoft have new hardware, Nintendo is miles behind with the current Nintendo Switch. However, this is set to change soon. According to rumors, Nintendo secretly showed some of its Switch 2 prototypes at the Gamescom 2023. The new tech demo reveals a powerful sequel for the handheld.

Nintendo Switch 2 will enter the “new generation” thanks to the technology employed

Speaking in a new video shared on YouTube, NateTheHate, who proved to be a reliable leaker, confirmed the power of the Switch 2. As per him, the new handheld was capable of running The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild at 4K resolution, 60 frames per second using NVIDIA DLSS upscaling technology. Additionally, the tech demo had no load times at all, which sounds even more interesting. The console could offer high resolution, stable frame rate, and almost no interruption in loading times.

In the video, the leaker also talked about the Matrix Awakens Unreal Engine 5 demo. It apparently ran with better ray tracing than PS5, and Xbox Series, but without ray reconstruction. It was introduced in NVIDIA DLSS 3.5, and the demo ran with DLSS 3.1 instead of the new version. Last, but not least, the tipster states that March 2024 is being considered as the announcement window for the console. It’s unclear when exactly it will be sold to consumers.

The Nintendo Switch 2 will mark Nintendo’s second generation in the world of hybrid consoles. Nintendo managed to remain as one of the dominant forces in the video game industry without the same hardware as the desktop consoles. Now, it seems that the Switch 2 will have enough technology to be more “on par” with the current gen.


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