Stellar Blade: New Beautiful Images Are Available

Developer Shift Up has shared new screenshots of its debut title, Stellar Blade. Exclusive to PlayStation 5, the hack ‘n’ slash action game also had more information released but remains without a release date. The screenshots focus on CGI scenes and detail the looks of some of the campaign’s main characters. In addition to showing the protagonist, the materials highlight two new figures — all presented in high resolution.

Additionally, Sony has also released a Stellar Blade FAQ on its official website. The information answers some of the fans’ questions and confirms the game’s proposal, the pre-sale offer, and data on the central plot.

Sony has confirmed that pre-orders for Stellar Blade will be available on physical media. Further information was not disclosed and there are no details regarding the territories that will get the physical copies. One of the FAQ answers also covered the game’s difficulty level. According to Shift Up, “combat requires deliberate attacks, defenses and dodges” and “it is essential to learn enemy attack patterns and counterattack with precision”, especially in boss battles.

Stellar Blade

Stellar Blade seems to drink from the NieR Automata’s formula in basically every aspect. We have beautiful female protagonists fighting their way with dangerous monsters and machines with powerful blades. This formula worked well with NieR Automata, and we have a good impression from what we see on Stellar Blade. Interestingly, we also have the same “futuristic” post-apocalyptic landscape for the game. The game has the ingredients, hopefully, the final product will be interesting and won’t be just a generic game. Anyway, games with this kind of protagonist tend to do pretty well.

Unfortunately, there is still no launch forecast for the game. Anyway, it’s good to see more images and details popping out. That means that the development is progressing well, and we should hear more about the launch in the near future.


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