Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: The Legendary Journey Continues on February 2024

Square Enix took advantage of the “State of Play from Sony partners” to bring more news about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, exclusive to PS5. The continuation of Cloud’s saga will be released on February 29, 2024.

The news came along with a new trailer, where we can see how the heroes have managed after leaving Midgar. Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, and the others are still together, but the former SOLDIER’s memories have been surfacing and causing concern. See the video below:

As stated by Square Enix, it will not be necessary to play the first part of the remake to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will have many new features

The creators of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth brought several details about the RPG on the PS Blog. Check out a summary below:

  • New Synergy Moves: A battle mechanic allows players to use synergy commands and abilities, spending a meter charge, and strengthening bonds between characters.
  • Red XIII as a Playable Character: Red XIII is now an official party member. He has a unique playstyle including an ATB bar and a “revenge bar” mechanic.
  • Return of Sephiroth: Players will be able to control Sephiroth in a specific scene. It works just like in the original Final Fantasy VII.
  • Save File Transfer: Progress will not carry over from the Final Fantasy VII Remake. Each part of the project is designed as a standalone game, but there are special bonuses for fans of the previous game.
  • Expanded Soundtrack: Accompanying a larger world, the soundtrack has been expanded to include new musical genres.
  • Enhanced Minigames: Classic minigames like Junon will offer a more immersive experience.
  • Gold Saucer and Encounter Scene: Gold Saucer will feature new minigames and difficulty modes as the main story progresses, including the highly anticipated Ferris wheel encounter scene.
  • Skill Tree Mechanics: The introduction of skill trees will allow players to unlock synergy skills for customization.
  • Additional Materia: New Materia with unique abilities will be available to customize characters.
  • Wide Exploration: Players will be able to explore larger outdoor areas, following Sephiroth through an expansive world.
  • Balancing Old and New: The game balances reimagined classic scenes with new content to please fans and newcomers alike.

A vast world to explore with over 100 hours of content

Square Enix wants to keep players busy for a long time in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. According to director Naoki Hamaguchi, secondary missions can take twice as long as the main campaign throughout the game.

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He delivered this information in an interview with PS Blog. He confirmed that fans will have a massive amount of content and many activities to enjoy outside of Midgar:

“The world map is vast and extensive, so not all locations on it will only be used in the main story. In fact, in terms of volume, the amount of side content in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is almost double that of the main quest content. Players who want to enjoy the Final Fantasy VII setting on an even deeper level can explore every corner of the world. They’ll discover many different and exciting experiences such as new stories, battles, and mini-games to play. It will also be possible to return to any of the world regions even after the main quest leaves that area, so you don’t have to worry about leaving things behind or unfinished.”

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be launched on February 29 for the PS5. The game will come in two discs, which clearly hints at more than 100 GB of content.

The game has stunning graphics and the trailers show impressive effects and animations. Inteis mentioned as a “five month” exclusive for the PS5. Interestingly, we assume that a  launch on PC could happen in the same year.


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