Tales of Arise: Beyond The Dawn DLC Announced Two Years After The Launch

During the State of Play, Bandai Namco revealed the first DLC for the acclaimed RPG Tales of Arise. Beyond the Dawn will be released on November 9th for consoles and PC and its plot is detailed in a presentation trailer.

The expansion features more than 20 hours of new content, including missions, dungeons, boss fights, and a new arc that introduces never-before-seen elements of the Six’s history. Furthermore, the adventure will have a new central character: Nazamil.

Learn more about Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn

Beyond the Dawn begins one year after the conclusion of the events of Tales of Arise. Alphen and the others are caught between being exalted as Heroes Liberating Dahna and criticized as Destroyers of Rights by the people of Rena.

By chance, Alphen and his group meet a young girl named Nazamil, who is the daughter of Lord Renan and a Dhanan. Will the group be able to change the fate of the girl who will eventually fall under the mask’s curse?

Tales of Arise

Explore the world again with party members who are connected by a strong bond, experience exciting new challenges, and see a world that is both familiar but has evolved since the conclusion of the original story.

Bandai Namco has listed the Beyond the Dawn expansion contents below:

Content Coming With Tales of Arise Beyond The Dawn

  • Beyond the Dawn Storyline: A brand-new storyline with new dungeons and subquests depicting the new adventures of the party members.
  • Special Data: Additional costumes for each of the characters!
  • New Departure Support Pack: Contains 50,000 Gald, Level Up +5, CP +100, and a complete fishing gear set.
  • Silver Weapon Collection: A set containing a weapon of each character in a shiny silvery color.

The new costumes are viewable below:

Further, there will be new dungeons, quests, and costumes. While this takes place after the main game, “a certain level of skills and other statuses are provided at the start” for all players to be at the “appropriate level of design.”

“…we did not adopt a simple transfer of levels and statuses from the main game. Instead, we have prepared bonuses such as money and skill points based on the clear data of the main game.”

Moreover, Tales of Arise: Beyond the Dawn Edition was announced for ¥6,800. It includes the base game and Beyond the Dawn. However, the base game does not have any DLC attached to it in this package.

In case you’ve missed it, there is a second-anniversary broadcast for Tales of Arise scheduled for later this month. We should see more details about the DLC during the broadcast.


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