Nintendo Switch 2 Rumored Processor Details

In recent years, the handheld gaming console market has changed drastically. The handhelds are back in action. Previously, Nintendo Switch was sitting alone in the market. However, Valve launched their Steam Deck console that was an instant hit. Now the market is filled with multiple handhelds including the ROG Ally and Lenovo Legion Go. This forces Nintendo to bring a new revamped version of their old Switch. Let’s check out the latest rumors about the processor of Nintendo Switch 2.

The Nintendo Switch has been available in the gaming market for a long time now. It got a refreshed version – but only with an OLED screen and no other hardware enhancements. Now that the games are much more hardware dependent, Switch is struggling to run new games.

We have seen the problems arising with recent games like Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Hence, it is vital that Nintendo launches a new version of the handheld with a much more powerful processor. It should be based on the latest standards.

Switch 2 Processor Details

Currently there are no official statements regarding the processor or any hardware details of the console. Though, the leaks and rumors are here to keep us entertained.

Switch 2 Processor Details

Switch 2 Processor Details

YouTuber Doctre 81 is working on finding more details on the processor of Switch 2. They were able to find a LinkedIn profile for a former Physical Design Engineer for Siliconist Technologies, who worked there from February 2020 to October 2022 on the T239 project for NVIDIA. This is the same chipset that is said to be powering the Nintendo Switch.

This is not the only LinkedIn profile they were able to find. Another LinkedIn profile for another former Physical Design Engineer who worked at Siliconist Technologies  was also spotted by them. This Engineer also worked during the same time as the other employee.

Switch 2 Processor Details

With their Linkedin posts of these employees, it is now confirmed that it was indeed an NVIDIA project. Their project summary also mentions that the chipset has a 5nm process node and a maximum clock speed of 2.653 GHz. This means that the maximum clock speed of Switch 2 will be higher than the original version. That said, this is by no means an official update rather a speculation. We hope to see Nintendo revealing their new console as soon as possible.


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