Apex Legends Bans Over 2,000 Cheaters Ahead of Harbingers Collection Event

Apex Legends developer Respawn has banned over 2,000 accounts for cheating. The move comes in light of the next week’s Harbingers Collection Event. In a note posted to X/Twitter, the studio said it had identified and removed “2,000+” cheaters and reminded players to “report any suspicious player activity through [its] in-game tools”.

Apex Legends Opens New Event – 2000 Cheaters Are Out of the Fun!

The Harbingers Collection Event – which sees our Legends “gear up to fight the end of the world” – launches on all platforms on 19th September and includes Living Shell Trios, World’s Edge After Dark, and the usual cosmetics.

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The Living Shell trios see us become the “Messengers of Death”. It will give players a grenade, called the Rev Shell, which “seeks enemy targets and explodes on impact”. The World’s Edge After Dark, on the other hand, introduces “a hellish version of Talos’ battleground, complete with the resurrected Train”.

The event will also allow you to unlock items in the game’s Rewards Track. In the event, you can secure 24 limited-time cosmetics like Gibby’s Grave Protector skin and matching Eclipse Bringer Charge Rifle skin, plus Fuse’s Heirloom. Unlock all of them before the event ends on October 3rd. You will secure Fuse’s Razor’s Edge, “an electric guitar tuned to shred enemies”.

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Of Course, All those found cheating in the game will be proved from all new gameplay elements and all prizes in the event. The company reinforces that users should not feel discouraged in reporting cheating. If they find any suspicious behavior they should report it through the in-game tools.

In related news, Respawn Entertainment opened a third developed studio. It’s part of the company’s plan to make its free-to-play battle royale title Apex Legends a “10, 15 years or more” franchise. This certainly is a bold and challenging goal. The game will need to constantly evolve in order to remain engaging.

Respawn’s newest studio – which will operate alongside existing teams in Sherman Oaks, California, and Vancouver, British Columbia – is based in Madison, Wisconsin. It will predominantly be focused on supporting the development of Apex Legends’ live service operations.

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