Ghostwire Tokyo celebrates 6 Million Players Across the World

Tango Gameworks celebrated a new registered player milestone in Ghostwire Tokyo. This week, the supernatural action title surpassed the six million fan mark across its total user base. The figures indicate that around one million additional players have been brought to the city of Tokyo since June this year. Despite this, there is no index that references the number of units sold, whether digital or physical.

Ghostwire Tokyo launched in March 2022 and took just over a year to reach six million players. However, the increase in recent months has been considerable compared to the initial months. Apparently, this is due to the game’s arrival on services such as PS Plus and Game Pass.

Check out new promotional art released by Tango Gameworks below:

The game is available for PS5, Xbox Series and PC. The game is the fruit of Shinji Mikami’s mind, the creator of Resident Evil and The Evil Within series. Ghostwire Tokyo takes a different path in comparison to these two games. The game tries to keep the horror atmospheric but is less scary than these two games.

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While these are survival horror games with physiological horror elements, Ghostwire Tokyo is a bit lighter in terms of keeping you in fear. Ghostwire Tokyo was a temporary exclusive for the PS5 and had its availability expanded recently. It was announced long ago, before Bethesda’s acquisition by Microsoft.

Learn more about Ghostwire Tokyo

Read the game’s description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

Tokyo is overrun by deadly supernatural forces, and a dangerous occultist makes the city’s population disappear in an instant. Join a powerful spectral entity seeking revenge and master a potent arsenal of abilities to reveal the dark truth behind these disappearances as you face the unknown. Have you played the supernatural action title? What did you think of him? Comment!


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