This Iron Man Open World Game Concept in Unreal Engine 5 is Breathtaking

When it comes to super hero games, the most popular one is Spider-Man. Unfortunately, not all super heroes get their own games. Especially, the most beloved Iron Man who is yet to get a open world game adaptation. The Iron Man fans have been waiting for years for a flagship game to be made. However, the dream never turned into a reality.

This Iron Man Open World Game Concept in Unreal Engine 5 is Breathtaking

It is not the case that there was no working on an Iron Man game. The devs behind the popular Just Cause game franchise actually tried to make an Iron Man game. However, Disney and Marvel did not let a lot of development in this project. They concluded it by saying the project is “Not on our watch.” Even EA was expected to come out with an Iron Man game but nothing has been progressing at the moment.

No official game, no problem!

The disappointments from the developers did not let the fans stop their work. One YouTube has showcased a spicy Iron Man game concept. This is an open world game that means you can explore all the virtual world. Moreover, the YouTuber opted for Unreal Engine 5 for making this concept game. For those unaware, Unreal Engine 5 ensures that the game looks as realistic as possible.

This Iron Man Open World Game Concept in Unreal Engine 5 is Breathtaking

In the video, we can see Iron Man fly over valleys, mountains, cities, and deserts. His powerful suit is action-packed, and we can see the proof in the concept game. The video also gives us the hints that the concept game might be based on the first Iron Man movie. A perfect choice for sure.

One thing that I noticed while watching the concept game is that the Iron Man doesn’t look familiar. It does not resemble Robert Downey Jr. at all. Whatever the case is, there is no argument that the concept games look absolutely killer. I hope we can see a real Iron Man AAA game soon.


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