Xbox Series X Mid-Gen Refresh Leaks With Design Change and Minor Improvements

The Xbox Series X may look new, especially if you’re waiting for games that justify its horsepower. However, it already completed three years in existence, and Microsoft is preparing a mid-gen refresh. In a series of leaks, considered the biggest ones, in Xbox’s story, we are presented with the upcoming mid-gen refresh for the Xbox Series X. According to the leaked documents, Microsoft plans to launch a refresh for both Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X.

Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S had their mid-gen refreshes leaked

Xbox Series X

The leaked info is part of documents shared in the recent FTC court trial. The company’s mid-gen refresh will arrive in 2024, four years before plans for a proper next-gen Xbox console, which is expected for 2028. The next year’s Xbox Series X carries the codename Brooklin. It is all digital and will sport a new cylindrical design. The change is a major step for Microsoft which basically says goodbye to the physical media, but embracing the digital-only with its main console. The new console is slated for launch in October, next year.

The Brooklin will offer 2 TB of Interna Storage, faster Wi-Fi 6E, and will come with an all-new Xbox controller. It will also draw less power, include a front-facing USB-C slot, and will be offered at the current Xbox  Series X price of $499. It’s a neat refresh, but this is not like an Xbox Series X Pro. It’s the same console with incremental upgrades.

Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S carried the codename “Ellewood” and keeps the look and the $299 price. It will launch in August next year, with faster Wi-Fi 6E, reduced power, and 1 TB of Internal Storage. It will also come with the new controller which leaked earlier today.

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These details are part of an internal Xbox document dated April 2022, shared with the US FTC this year. It was shared during the court case regarding to Microsoft’s Activision Blizzard acquisition. The document surfaced publicly last night, attached to a PDF alongside a treasure trove of other full details.

Both Consoles will be launched in the next year

With the new console, Microsoft seems to bet on incremental upgrades. The new console will be announced at the end of June next year. The firm will launch its new Xbox Controller with the codename “Sebile” at the end of May.

It seems that next year will be hectic for Microsoft. We are curious to see how the public will react by seeing these details emerging at this point.


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