YouTuber Plays Resident Evil Village on iPhone 15 Pro and The Result is Astonishing

Apple recently announced the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro with a wave of new hardware improvements. On top of these devices, we have the all-new Apple A17 Pro chip based on a 3nm fabrication and a lot of performance. Apple took the chip to the center of the stage to show its powers and potential for the mobile gaming industry. During the keynote, Apple announced the chipset is capable of running ports of existing console games like Resident Evil Village, Resident Evil 4, and Assassin’s Creed Mirage. These games are coming soon, but one lucky YouTuber managed to get his hands on the Resident Evil Village port for the iPhone 15 Pro.

Resident Evil Village on the iPhone 15 Pro

The Youtuber recorded his experience of playing a console game on the iPhone 15 Pro. He used an external monitor with a USB-C adapter and a DualSense Wireless Controller to improve the experience. Interestingly, this wouldn’t be easily possible if Apple hadn’t added the USB Type-C port. Thanks to the port, the YouTuber was able to quickly attach the device to a high-quality monitor.


The YouTuber Vincent Zhong was surprised to see the game running perfectly smoothly. It’s hard to see frame drops and stutters and everything looks perfect. The visual and audio experience is great on the bigger display, but it’s worth noting that this is not really needed. You can play straight from the iPhone screen.

In the Resident Evil Village Game settings, Zhong details that the resolution is set at 1560 x 720 with HDR turned on. Additionally, the frame rate is locked at 30fps. This is not comparable to the 4K60FPS you probably can extract from a powerful PC. Still, it’s a major step in the field of mobile gaming. The Apple A17 Pro basically blows up the competition by going where no other company ever went.

This definitively means a huge step for mobile gaming. We have to give Apple a thumbs up for innovating in this field. Although many will argue about the price of the iPhone 15 Pro, we still need to praise this move! The company is bringing AAA games to mobile devices. Apple has the power to dictate trends, and we are pretty sure this is the beginning of a new era. Soon, other players like Samsung should try the same by bringing ports for their respective devices.

This is exciting because, in a few years, we may see mid-range phones being able to run games like Resident Evil Village.


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