Choosing the Best Gaming Processor in 2023: AMD or Intel?

It is time to take a look at Choosing the Best Gaming Processor in 2023: AMD or Intel. When it comes to playing video games on your computer, a fast and powerful processor is very important. Two big companies, AMD and Intel, make these processors and people often wonder which one is better for gaming. In this article, we’ll break it down for you in simple terms. We’ll explain the main differences between AMD and Intel processors and help you decide which one is best for your gaming adventures. So if you’re curious about which processor can make your games run smoother and faster. Let us see and find out which will fulfil your hardcore gaming experience.

About AMD

Founded in 1969, Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD) is a global semiconductor company known for its CPUs and GPUs. AMD competes with Intel and NVIDIA, offering Ryzen CPUs and Radeon GPUs. The company’s early products were primarily memory chips and other components for computers. AMD later expanded into the microprocessor market, competing with Intel, its main rival in the industry. As of September 2023, AMD’s market share in the worldwide PC processor market is approximately 28%. The company’s market share in the server processor market is about 12%.

About Intel

Founded a year before, Intel doesn’t just make processors; it also creates various other tech components like chipsets, motherboards, solid-state drives, and flash memory. These components are used in lots of different devices, such as PCs, servers, smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems. As of September 2023, Intel holds a big piece of the pie in the global PC processor market, with about 72% of the market share. In the server processor market, they have around 55% of the market share.

AMD vs. Intel: Which is the best Gaming Processor in 2023

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Choosing between AMD and Intel processors for gaming is a hot topic among PC fans and gamers. Each brand has its pros and cons, so it really boils down to what you personally like, what you want in your gaming experience, and how much you’re willing to spend.


AMD prioritizes creating processors with a strong emphasis on power efficiency and minimal heat generation. This design philosophy results in chips that deliver solid performance while conserving energy. Take, for instance, the Ryzen 7800X3D, which can hold its own against Intel counterparts in clock speed and even outshine them when the price is right. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that AMD CPUs may encounter some challenges when it comes to gaming performance, particularly in scenarios where your system is handling multiple tasks simultaneously.

Intel, on the other hand, is a well-known brand with a wide range of processor options. They also excel in making dedicated gaming GPUs. The Intel i9-12900KS is often considered the best gaming processor, offering super-fast performance for games with intense graphics. But, Intel’s high-end chips can be pricey, and they are mainly designed for overclocking. We will also discuss about overclocking potential of these two in a while.

Graphics Performance

If you’re a gamer thinking of building a system without a separate graphics card, you need to pay close attention to integrated graphics. Intel’s processors with integrated graphics, such as Intel Iris Xe, can give you decent gaming performance, especially for lighter and casual gaming. This is a smart choice for gamers on a budget who want to start playing games without immediately spending money on a dedicated graphics card.

On the other hand, AMD’s Ryzen APUs are worth considering too. These chips combine both CPU and Radeon Vega graphics, offering solid integrated gaming performance. While Intel’s integrated graphics might have a slight advantage, AMD’s APUs are more than capable of handling older games and esports titles without the need for a dedicated GPU. It’s a matter of finding the right balance between your budget and gaming needs.

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Overclocking potential

Both AMD and Intel provide processors that can be overclocked, but there are distinctions to consider. AMD’s Ryzen processors are generally more appealing to enthusiasts when it comes to overclocking. The majority of Ryzen CPUs are unlocked and can be overclocked on motherboards that support it. This flexibility empowers users to push their processors to deliver better performance.

Intel has their “K” series CPUs, such as the Core i9-10900K, which you can overclock. These chips are pretty fast, especially for gaming, when you crank up their performance through overclocking. But don’t forget, not every Intel processor can be overclocked, so be sure to check for that feature if it’s something you want.

Pricing and Value of  AMD and Intel gaming processer

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It’s important to understand that the cost of a processor isn’t just a single number. AMD emphasizes cross-generation compatibility, and this feature is reflected in the higher prices of their premium CPUs. While it may require an initial investment of around $400-500 to move up to a newer generation, with AMD, this is a one-time purchase that seamlessly integrates with the latest hardware.

  • AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D – Average Price of $699.99
  • AMD Ryzen 7 7700X – Average Price of $399.99
  • AMD Ryzen 5800X – Average Price of $449.00
  • Intel Core i9-13900KS – Average Price of $700.00
  • Intel Core i7-13700K – Average Price of $400.00
  • Intel Core i7-12700K – Average Price of $275.00
  • Intel Core i5-13600K – Average Price of $317.00

Intel CPUs generally offer excellent performance in the mid-range price category. However, for advanced users who demand a lot from their machines and rely on specialized software, AMD’s top-end chips should be on their radar. But considering overall parameters, Intel CPUs are a force to be reckoned with. That is all you need to know about Choosing the Best Gaming Processor in 2023 for AMD or Intel.

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