Meta Quest 3 May Bring a 512GB Model that Costs $150 More

Facebook’s parent company has not given up on the metaverse yet, and now even Apple has joined the VR race. After Meta’s acquisition of headset maker Oculus VR, things have been good for the tech giant. Together with the already experienced VR headset hardware, the Facebook software expertise made it even better. The next upcoming VR headset for Meta is the Quest 3. It was initially announced to have a 128GB standard model with a $499 price tag. Now a leak has emerged online suggesting a new price tag for a new model.

Meta Quest 3 512GB Model

Meta Quest 2 was quite popular and hence the hype for Quest 3 was already high. Facebook’s parent company Meta announced the Quest 3 back in June 2023. Some features along with the starting price were revealed. We already wrote about the top features of the Meta Quest 3 which you can check out here.

In summary, the Quest 3 comes with a new redesign that offers a slimmer profile than the previous version. It is also the most powerful VR offering by Meta so expect a good performance boost. Finally, it also has Pancake lenses instead of Fresnel lenses used in Quest 2.

Meta Quest 3 512GB Model

When the new VR headset was first announced, Meta said that the starting model would cost $499 for 128GB of storage. Moreover, Meta also said that there would be an additional storage option but the details were not revealed at that point.

Meta Quest 3 512GB Variant Incoming?

Now a VR enthusiast Luna shared an interesting image on X that is said to be obtained from a GameStop employee. It is actually a promotional card of Meta Quest 3 that states the release date of October 10, and reveals two SKUs priced at $500 and $650.

The $500 variant is understandable which is 128GB and as stated above was announced by Meta itself. However, the second variant costing $650 is not official yet. Since the difference is of $150, we do not think that the storage will just be 256GB. Instead, it would only justify the extra dollars if it is 512GB of storage.

The previous model, Quest 2, is available in two storage options: 128GB for $300 and 256GB for $350 (originally $400). Hence, it would only make sense for 512GB to cost $150 more. In any case, it is not long before the tech giant reveals details itself. We are expecting to see more of the Quest 3 in Meta’s annual Connect conference taking place on Wednesday.

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