Squid Game VR Multiplayer Game Will Give You Unforgettable Thrills

Squid Game is one of Netflix’s most successful shows. I started watching the show without any expectations of a bloodshed surprise, and hence my jaw dropped after the first “Red Light, Green Light” game. Similarly, everyone else who watched the show experienced the same thrill. Now it’s time for everyone to play Squid Game with their friends in reality. The Squid Game VR game is launching next week, and it seems like an experience you shouldn’t miss.

The game was first announced earlier this year. Squid Game Virtuals is a VR-based game that is scheduled to launch on September 29. It will be available for Sandbox VR locations worldwide.

Squid Game VR Multiplayer Game

Squid Game Virtuals sees two groups of six competing against each other in multiple challenges. Yup, the challenges are inspired by the series but also there will be new ones.

You will compete with the other team in popular challenges such as ‘Red Light, Green Light’, and ‘Crossing the Glass Bridge’. Giving surprises is in the DNA of Squid Game and hence I expect something even spicier in the VR game.

To make the experience even better, the game will present you with personalized highlight videos after each session. This will be a great addition to capture your virtual in-game reactions.

Squid Game VR multiplayer game: Can you survive the challenges?

Michael Hampden, SVP Content and Creative Director at Sandbox VR shared some thoughts on the Squid Game Virtuals:

During early development we knew the key to this project was to bring the unforgettable thrills and drama of Squid Game to VR in a way that’s approachable and fun for fans.. Working closely with Netflix, we designed new mini-games and adapted ideas from the series.The result is an incredibly engaging and social experience, unlike anything Sandbox VR has created before.”

You will be able to experience the Squid Game VR title on Sandbox VR. It is currently operating in 40 locations across seven countries.

Apart from the new VR game, Squid Game is also preparing for the new reality show on Netflix. While, the Season 2 of the original show is still in the works.

That said, I would love to play this game especially with my friends. Let us know your opinions in the comments section below.


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